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Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing: Which One Is Better In 2019?

Today, the world has changed and you would definitely take no time to accept it. The way the world of business has grown over a period of time is certainly surprising.

Nobody would have believed it a few decades ago that one day people would be able to reach out to millions of customers without actually confronting them.

It was an impractical task to think that business owners would be able to promote and advertise their products virtually. Thanks to the progress in technology and the development of the internet.

It is all because of the World Wide Web the business industry has taken a huge leap and is flourishing at an unprecedented rate today.

With this arrival of the internet, the digital marketing industry has vanquished every other industry. And why it shouldn’t?

When you can put your ideas or products in front of millions of individuals at a time online, then why one would opt for considering offline methods. And moreover, online mediums can get your business soaring high in the market within a minimal timeframe.

Well, let’s move ahead and talk about those two digital marketing entities which are extremely popular amongst businessmen, i.e., Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. Let’s start with their definitions!

Google AdSense is a program that helps website owners run advertisements on their websites and applications to earn money. And affiliate marketing is all about earning rewards by promoting others’ businesses.

Even though both of them are money making platforms, they have their own pros and cons. And this makes one better than the other. Following given are the pros and cons of Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

  • The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can calculate your earnings per sale as it all depends upon the commission per click.
  • Affiliate marketing has no restriction, i.e., nobody or nothing can stop you from promoting others’ businesses. You are the only one to take the call.
  • Affiliate marketing is a long-term money-making source.
  • There are a lot of organizations in the market that can help you understand affiliate marketing and assist you in your undertakings.
  • You can create a vast network with the help of blogging, etc.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  • One needs to possess good online marketing skills to excel in affiliate marketing.
  • There is no surety of earning money quickly. It may take weeks or months or even years to earn money from affiliate marketing.
  • You can earn only if the person has bought the product after clicking on the link.
  • The competition in affiliate marketing is high in comparison to that of Google AdSense.
  • You need to do proper research before selecting your affiliate program

Now, let’s understand the importance of Google AdSense and how it plays a vital role in earning money online.

As mentioned earlier, Google AdSense is a program that helps website owners run advertisements on their own websites and applications in order to earn money.

It is all about placing ad banners on your site and earning from them per click. The higher the website traffic the more the earning.

So, if you are looking forward to earning loads of money through Google AdSense, then make sure your website is drawing an adequate amount of traffic.

Pros of Google AdSense

  • Marketing skills are not required to earn money from Google AdSense.
  • You need not promote any product or service to allure your customers. You just need to have the ad on your website and Google AdSense takes care of the rest.
  • However, you need to have your website filled with quality content in order to draw huge traffic.
  • AdSense helps you earn money quicker in comparison to affiliate marketing.
  • Selecting a niche is not a significant thing when it comes to earning from Google AdSense.

Cons of Google AdSense

  • You need to abide by certain rules and regulations for approval. If you are found violating rules, Google can even ban you.
  • Unlike affiliate marketing, you do not have complete control over the ads that are displayed on your website.
  • You need to have huge traffic if you are looking forward to earning loads of money from Google AdSense.
  • Google ads are not as attractive as affiliate marketing ads.
  • The amount of earnings from Google AdSense is smaller in comparison to that of affiliate marketing.

So, these were the pros and cons of affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

It must be quite obvious by now that affiliate marketing has an edge over Google AdSense when it comes to earning money and having control over ads. However, Google AdSense, too, has certain benefits. So, what do you think, AdSense or affiliate marketing?

We hope this blog about Google AdSense and affiliate marketing must have been of some help to you. If you think we have missed out on something and you would love to contribute to the article, you are good to go.

So What do you think? Google AdSense or Affiliate is the way you would go?

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