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Learn About The Benefits of Google Ads For Startups

Today, when the business world is booming swiftly with the advancement in telecommunications, each and every business has started looking forward to having their online presence. The World Wide Web has come as a boon to the business industry. However, with the arrival of Google Ads, the game has entirely changed.

If you are already in the field of digital marketing or has a business running online, then you must know the importance of Google Ads.

So, let’s move ahead and learn about Google Ads. Let’s understand its significance in the digital marketing industry and how effective it is in processing revenue generation.


What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that is used by advertisers in order to promote brands, products or ideas.

If you would want to promote your business on the result pages of Google searches, then you need to pay a certain amount to use the service.

Google Ads, especially in today’s era where everything is getting digitalized, has become extremely significant for businesses. On account of this service, a lot of businesses have been able to grow exponentially.

But what makes Google Ads so important for startups? Why Google Ads must be used for business growth? You must be having such questions in your mind now, isn’t it? If yes, then the below-given points must be your read.


Why Every Business Must Use Google Ads?


  • Increase Visibility

As Google Ads is all about paid promotions, it helps in increasing the visibility of your business on the internet better and easily.

By using this service, you can get the target audience to know about your business or brand or product. And eventually, influence them to make a purchase.

After all, your product will be advertised by Google itself. So, if you really want to make your business visible to the best audience, then you must use the service of Google Ads.


  • Helps Follow Customer

Yes! Google Ads will help you follow your customers. But how would it happen? Well, whenever a customer comes to your website, you can have your ads follow them on Google display networks with the help of cookies.

Even though you need to pay an extra amount for this service, it is worth the kind of service you will be getting. It will certainly result in the increment of sales.


  • Helps You Optimize Your Ads

Google Ads also allows you to optimize your ads by choosing the place of their display. In other words, you can have your advertisements on sites as per your choice.

With the help of Google Ads, you can also remove those sites from your list where your ads are not performing well. Isn’t that great? This way you can keep a check on the performance of your ads.

Google adwords

  • Brand Awareness

It is a known fact that a business cannot survive in today’s market if it is not focusing on increasing brand awareness. That’s why it is significant for every online business to focus on the brand’s popularity too.

And when you have Google Ads, then why worry about the extent to which your brand or product is recognizable? Google Ads will help your business reach out to millions of customers by displaying your advertisements on search results pages.


  • Helps You Track the Growth of Your Website

Google Ads helps you track the growth of your business by reporting website traffic and sales and conversions.

You can also know in detail about Return on Investment (ROI), keywords that are performing good and time periods when your website is getting the highest traffic.


  • Schedule Ads

If you are not well-acquainted with the functions of Google Ads, then you might not know that Google Ads also allows you to schedule your ads in order to reach the right audience.

Yes! You can modify the time and date of your ads and eventually, have your business grow faster.


  • Campaigning Based On Users

With the help of Google Ads, you can get details about your users, ranging from their age group to parental status and gender to region. And by keeping these demographics in your mind, you would be able to create effective campaigns for your business.

For instance, if you already know that most of your users are from the age group of 24-30, then you would be designing your ads as per their needs and desires. This will help in increasing the conversion rate.

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  • Fight Competitors

Google Ads also helps fight competitors easily. It will help you outrank other ads on the internet. And how would this be possible?

Well, with the help of Google Ads, you can adjust your bid by choosing ‘Target Outrank’ plans and hence, you can outrank your competitor in the auction. So, don’t you think Google Ads would be of great importance to startups?


  • Influence Your Target Audience

As mentioned previously, with the help of Google Ads and applying the strategy of remarketing, where your ads follow your audience on the basis of cookies, you can influence your audience to purchase a product.

This way you can drive more traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate. Doesn’t it sound great for your startup?


  • Mobile Customers

As Google Ads offers you a lot of mobile optimization options, you can reach out to the targeted mobile customers easily and drive huge traffic to your website.



If there is any platform that can help a startup gain momentum in the early stages of its success, then it has to be Google Ads. Did you know that about 40% of the total amount spent per year in digital advertising comes from Google Ads?

It clearly indicates the popularity of this advertising platform. Today, it has become a significant service in the digital marketing industry. And therefore, it is availed by most of the online businesses.

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