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Why Making A Good Career Choice Is Difficult For Students?

Well, before we move on to understand the major reasons why students, nowadays, are unable to make a good career choice, let’s make ourselves convinced with the fact that in today’s digital era, there is fierce competition in each and every field.

And let’s understand how the definition of ‘career’ has changed over a period of time. There was a stage when a career in India was all about becoming an engineer or a doctor or an IAS/IPS officer.

Even becoming an artist back in the day was never easy; basically on account of parents’ objections. However, the atmosphere is certainly not the same today. The typical definition of ‘career’ has changed drastically in the last decade.

Thanks to the progress in technology and the advent of the internet and undoubtedly, the effect of globalization. With the arrival of the World Wide Web, a lot of job opportunities have opened up in the field of digital marketing. (Learn Here Why Digital Marketing Is A Global Career)

Due to westernization, countries like India have also become welcoming when it comes to choosing arts as a lifelong career. Perhaps, that’s one of the significant reasons why the number of artists, in the form of singers, dancers, writers, actors, etc., is increasing every year presently.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are ample opportunities for making an amazing career in almost every field today. But why students are still having a tough time finalizing their future?

Why they are still trapped in the bubble of uncertainty and skepticism? Well, there is a lot to peruse and ponder; from the perspective of parents as well as from the standpoint of students of the 21st century.

Let’s roll ahead and understand the below-given points that act as hurdles while choosing the right direction and eventually, the perfect career.


Mutual understanding between students and their parents

This has been a significant barrier since time immemorial. Name an era and you can find hundreds of instances where the lack of mutual understanding between parents and their children has resulted in terrible events.

However, the condition has definitely improved today owing to westernization. But still, there are students who happen to choose a career against their will only because their parents demanded something else.

This is where students go with wrong decisions and end up making their future regretful. It cannot be denied that parents always want best for their children. However, one thing they should understand is that a career forced upon can never be remarkable and brilliant.

That’s why mutual understanding is absolutely necessary between parents and children. Moreover, this is the 21st century, the era that has redefined ‘career’. Today, one can make a successful career in stand-up comedy too.


Lack of education and shortage of required facilities

Another reason why students are unable to make a good career choice and take up something against their will is the lack of education and shortage of required facilities.

There are students who desire to do something great in the field of science; but due to lack of knowledge, financial issues and insufficiency of other resources, they are unable to make a good career choice. And eventually, end up working as something they never wanted to be.


The absence of commitment/The presence of distraction

Commitment is the quintessential factor behind a successful and thriving career. If there is an absence of dedication and determination towards the work you are doing, then it can be assured that you are moving in the wrong direction and on a wrong career path.

Today, due to the easy availability of the internet in the world, students waste most of their time. They spend their time watching irrelevant videos, playing games and doing activities that are of no use to their career.

These activities distract them from their path, dwindle their interest and eventually, force them to choose a wrong career.

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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure generally refers to getting influenced by friends, colleagues or members from the same group and doing things according to their interest instead of going with one’s own desires.

It has become very common in today’s world. Nowadays, everyone wants to follow trends and do not wish to lag behind in any field. Obviously, this results in making people take wrong decisions most of the time.

And this is what is happening with students too. They choose a subject or a field not because they are very much interested in it but because their friends or colleagues are choosing it.

This attitude towards life must be changed if you are really looking forward to making a good career choice.


Fear of failure

Another significant reason why students, nowadays, are choosing a wrong career path is the fear of failure. They do not wish to take risks in their life and therefore, they end up compromising their future.

They want to feel secure and safe at all stages. Hence, they get satisfied with less than what they can actually get. After all, they never desire to explore their talent and know their capabilities.


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