Digital-Marketing-Statistic - 2019

Digital Marketing Statistics of 2019 That Will Blow Your Mind

The digital marketing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate today and all thanks to the arrival of the internet. Each and every business is striving hard to make a successful digital footprint by promoting their products online.

As said by Bill Gates – “If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business”, each and every entrepreneur is trying his/her best to grab the attention of online users. Consequently, businesses are developing new strategies every year and are extensively following marketing tactics nowadays.

They also keep themselves updated with the change in marketing statistics. This, eventually, help them understand the course of the market and let them run their businesses smoothly. So, how about learning in detail about the digital marketing statistics in 2019?

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Let’s start with content marketing statistics.

Digital-Marketing-Statistic - 2019


Content Marketing Statistics of 2019

Content marketing is generally the use of online content to promote or advertise products or ideas. In the last few years, the craze for content marketing has certainly increased and therefore, most of the businesses are using this strategy to allure online users today.

Well, let’s take a look at content marketing statistics in 2019 and understand how it helps in the growth of a business.


  • Podcasting is going to be one of the major marketing plans and it has been admitted by about 17% of digital marketers
  • About 45% of marketers consider visual content the most significant type of content in today’s world
  • Purposeful and entertaining content is the key to success on digital platforms. It has been admitted by about 84% of consumers
  • Content marketing interests customers three times than by paid search



Social Media Marketing Statistics of 2019

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc, to promote or advertise brands o products.

Today, when the internet has become the basic need, one can easily reach out to millions of customers with the help of these networking sites.


  • 71% of online customers are interested in purchasing a product if it is referred on social media
  • Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., have about 3 billion users connected to each other
  • Social media is the best option for influencer marketing as most of the users follow celebrities or influencers on these sites.
  • Instagram has about 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook has more than 2.2 billion and YouTube has about 1.9 billion monthly active users.



Mobile Marketing Statistics of 2019

In this new digital era, there are more than 5 billion mobile users in the world. This clearly indicates that it has become absolutely necessary for each and every business to allure mobile users for brand awareness and their company’s growth.


  • On mobile, about 96% of search traffic comes from Google
  • 82% of in-store customers take the help of their mobiles to know about items in order to purchase them.
  • On average, Indian adults spend about 2 hours and 30 minutes on the mobile internet every day
  • Mobile advertising is going to grab the maximum share in digital marketing



Search Engine Optimization Statistics

As search engines such as Google and Bing are used by most of the online users, search engine optimization has become one of the major tactics in digital marketing. Search engine optimization generally refers to optimizing websites so that they can get a good ranking on search engines and eventually, gain popularity.


  • The number of searches made on Google every day is about 4 billion
  • About 80% of global desktop search traffic comes from Google only every year
  • More than 85% of customers enquire about a product on Google and other search engines before purchasing it
  • More than 25% of internet users expect all searches to be done by voice in the near future



E-mail Marketing Statistics of 2019

Promoting a product or a brand by sending commercial messages to internet users with the help of e-mails is called e-mail marketing. As e-mail is still one of the best ways to grab the attention of customers, it should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy in the business.


  • By the end of 2019, the number of active e-mail accounts will reach around 5.6 billion
  • The most appropriate length of an e-mail subject is 17-24 characters
  • More than 50% of businesses use one or the other form of marketing automation as a tool for brand awareness
  • The best time to send e-mails is from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and the best days are from Tuesday until Thursday.



Video Marketing Statistics of 2019

Today, the craze for video-sharing websites, such as YouTube and Facebook, has increased to its peak. Hence, the need to get into video marketing has become indispensable for each and every online business. It is no more an unknown fact that in the near future video marketing is going to capture the maximum space in digital advertising.


  • Internet users watch about 5 billion videos on YouTube every day.
  • Video content help increase organic search traffic by more than 150%
  • Commercial videos convince approximately 64% of consumers to make a purchase
  • More than 55% of customers prefer watching videos over reading content
  • Landing pages that have videos can increase conversions by more than 85%

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