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Extensive Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore

Extensive Digital Marketing Course at IODED is one of the preferred courses as it includes everything that you can possibly learn about Digital Marketing and its use in the real world. You must opt for it if you are keen to understand Digital Marketing and use its full potential.

Advance Digital Marketing Training In Bangalore

Total Modules
30+ Modules

5/5 Rating
100+ Tools

Course Duration
120 Hours

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Digital marketing academy in bangalore - IODED
How it works

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Extensive Digital Marketing Course focuses on teaching everything in detail regarding the essentials of Digital Marketing. After completing this course, you would be able to build your WordPress website, learn about the kind of content that should be published for a good Internet Ranking, earn money from Google AdSense, understand how SEO and SMO work and learn several other things. You would also be able to strategize your business plans and get them to soar high in the market.

Who Should Take Up This Course?

Extensive Digital Marketing course is meant for those who are looking to understand from basic to the Advanced part of Digital Marketing and become an Expert. Although the course can be chosen by anyone who desires to learn about Digital Marketing, it is preferred by Businessmen, Marketing Professionals, Students, and IT professionals. This course will give you an insight into how today’s world is entirely based on Digital Marketing.

What Is The Outcome Of This Course?

As mentioned earlier, you will have in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing after completing this course. Be it Mobile Marketing, conversion optimization or Google Ads specialization, you can excel in every stream once you are done with this Advanced learning course. You will also have several job opportunities and would be able to work with reputed companies. After all, Digital Marketing in today’s world has a vast scope.

What Resources Do I Need To Specialize This Course?

It is one of the biggest merits of Digital Marketing that one doesn’t need to have more than just a mere laptop to specialize in this field. Here, the laptop works as an important source of information to learn in detail about Digital Marketing and its aspects. Without a laptop and an internet connection, it is not possible to understand the concepts of Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google AdSense, etc. After all, Digital Marketing is all about learning how to market products, brands or ideas online.

What Are The Job Opportunities For An Advanced Digital Marketer?

If you are really keen to make your career in the field of Digital Marketing, then let us tell you that you are absolutely on the right path. In today’s world, where almost every business is running online, it has become easy for Digital Marketers to get good job opportunities. Once you are done with this course, you can opt for several career paths.

The major amongst them include:

Social Media Executive
SEO Analyst
Digital Marketing Executive
Google Ads Specialist
Google Analytics Expert
Digital Marketing Strategist
SEM Executive


To learn Digital Marketing, you need to have the basic knowledge of the internet and how to use a laptop to access it. This is all that is required to step into the world of Digital Marketing. Of course, you would also need to have a strong interest in learning the course.


Extensive Digital Marketing Courses at IODED is one of the preferred courses as it includes everything that you can possibly learn about Digital Marketing and its use in the real world. Every year, more than 100 students get enrolled for this course in our institution. You must opt for it if you would love to choose Digital Marketing as your longtime profession.


Extensive Digital Marketing Course focuses on overall Growth of an Individual as a Digital Marketer. This course helps our students gain in-depth Practical Knowledge of all the aspects of Digital Marketing World.

Introduction To Digital Marketing

Different concepts related to digital marketing are introduced to our students in order to help them understand the basics of the subject.

Keywords Research

Learn How to do Keyword research for Multiple Industries using tools and Brain-Storming.

Website Planning & WordPress

Learn How to Build an Amazing Responsive Website within Minutes using WordPress.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn how to promote products and services on Various Search Engine like Google, Bing, etc...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn How to Optimize your Website to gain Organic Ranking on Search Engine result page. Work on Live Projects.

E-commerce SEO and E-commerce Marketing

This chapter teaches how to Optimize Your E-commerce Website and Drive Maximum Sales out of it.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Learn how to promote products and services on Multiple Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Also, learn how to Optimize your Profiles and become an Influencer.

Google Analytics

Learn how to Read, Analyze and then Implement strategies based on Data and performance of your Website.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the growth and popularity of competitors and strategizing plans accordingly.

E-mail Marketing Automation

Learn how to send Customized templates based on Automated E-mails to drive better Brand Awareness and Conversions.

Affiliate Marketing

The performance-based marketing where an affiliate earns rewards by promoting other’s business. Get to know the latest Niche and how to promote them and Earn Profit

Google AdSense

Learn How to get your Google Adsense Account Approved within a month and earn money.

WhatsApp Business & Marketing

Focuses on teaching how WhatsApp can be used for business marketing and how it helps in growing a brand.

Online Reputation Management

Learn Various technique of Reputation Management and how to extract maximum benefits.

Integrated Strategy And Planning

Helping students learn about strategizing their business ideas and planning them accordingly.

Online Customer Retention Techniques

All about different strategies to gain customers by building a loyal fan base.

Resume Preparation

How a perfect resume with zero mistakes is prepared.

Soft Skills And Interview

Teach skills related to leadership, management and teamwork and conduct mock interviews.

Live Campaigns

Students are encouraged to run live campaigns and understand how digital marketing works in real life.

Case Studies

Case studies are discussed to understand the merits and demerits of digital marketing.

How it works

• Inquiry About The Course
• Know About The Faculty
• Registration
• Introductory class
• Submitting The Fees
• Attending Classes
• Introduction To Concepts
• Learn Digital Marketing Tools
• Instructor-led Practicals
• Practice With Mentor
• Discuss Case Studies
• Work On Assignments
• Review Of Assessments
• Strategizing Business Ideas
• Planning Their Implementation
• Run Live Campaigns
• Work On Live Projects
• Develop Soft Skills
• Attend Mock Interviews
• Intern At Reputed Companies
• Get Placed With A Good Annual Package

Course Features
Duration125 Hours
Skills RequiredBasic Computer Knowledge
Basic Business Understanding

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