How to choose a Digital Marketing Institute to Shape my Career?

Choosing a Digital Marketing Institute to shape one’s career is equivalent to Choosing your Surgeon to perform a Brain Surgery.

When you do not compromise in choosing your Brain Surgeon, why compromise while choosing your Skill Development Partner?

A well-known fact is Digital Marketing is a boom in the market in 2020, at this stage of the Indian economy, it is one of the best Careers to be chosen.

Given a chance, Digital Marketers are even capable of earning a pretty penny as most companies are going Digital and all product are available online.

Ever since businesses have turned their focus Online, this is the best path to pursue either a Certification Course.

Being a certified Digital Marketing Executive with a little bit of help from your institute helps not only in sharpening skills, but also surviving the fallen offline market by taking the products and companies online.

Listing a few Online Marketing techniques Social media optimization and Marketing(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others), Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Email Marketing, Website creation and more.


For a well-given draft about Digital marketing, it’s always better to complete a detailed certification from a well versed and well-managed institute.

Looking at the depth of the topic and the effect of an increase in demand for the field has the competition going very strong. Every person has to keep in mind that whenever a skill is required it’s always better to be upgraded to the present situation in the market. Keeping the growing Demand for Digital Marketing professional it is always the best course to keep in mind for skill improvisation which can be held for pursuing a job or even freelancing.

Having a wide number of modules, it makes it easy for a person to perfect and master a particular module or the complete Digital marketing course.

We have put down a Check-List for you to keep in mind before choosing the best Digital Marketing Training institute in Bangalore or even India for that matter to be the guide to your Digital Success.

It’s always better to know what the institute holds and what it provides in the course.

For different questions that come to mind before pursuing a course or choosing an institute, this can be a good reference for further understanding;

Let’s see whether IODED checks all the boxes.

What do they teach?

Every detailed structure of Digital marketing and the requirements for the same. IODED completely gives an opportunity to learn Digital Marketing in two ways; Theoretical and Practical as well. An internship in every specified field relating to digital marketing is given for a better understanding of the module and learn to handle a situation in the right way. The content of the classes hold these modules:
* Introduction to Digital Marketing
* Keyword Research
* Domains and Hosting
* Basics of Content writing
* Basic Graphic Designing
* Website Design and Development Using WordPress
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
* SMM (Social Media Marketing)
* Google Analytics
* Email Marketing
* Affiliate Marketing
* ORM and WhatsApp Marketing
* AdSense
* Resume, Interview & PD

Every Module will be discussed and taught in a vast spread of knowledge to help the learner master the topics in a professional way. This objectifies the topic in a wide manner to be understood and take into a reference for getting better in strengthening the Skill.

How do they teach Digital Marketing?

The process of teaching in IODED is something very different when compared to other institutes, here the topic and the module is well explained theoretically and the learner is given a chance to execute the module in a Practical way for better understanding of the topic. This way the Institute brings in a lot of interaction between students and makes sure they are highly skilled by the end of the course. In IODED a wide range of latest tech is used to teach the course, highly qualified, Experienced, Well-versed, Well-Disciplined and Well-Mannered teachers are a key to grab as an opportunity to learn better.
Every module is given a specific time frame as the number of hours that are required to work on and these timings are used to give theory and practical experience as well. Sharing a few hidden and rare techniques during the course to improve and nurture the skills.

Are the trainer’s industry experienced or just fresher’s who know the PPT?

Every trainer in the Institute is highly experienced & is technically strong in the field of Digital Marketing and its prospects, here the opportunities of learning through their experience is something that is really unique and gives in a good responsible guarantee that the teaching is very technical. Their experience helps a learner to grab a chance of learning from their concepts of getting a job or a way to strengthen the skill in the digital market to get a good freelance experience.

Do they run a Digital Marketing Agency?

IODED is an institute, we Have an Agency as well under the name of BlindlyDigital LLP which helps you learn the modules in a better way while doing the course. This clarifies that the learning experience is new and practically processed on LIVE projects. The internship experience will be based on live projects and self-development projects as well.

What are the promises? And are they fulfilled?

A guaranteed internship and placement assistance after the course. This internship can be used as an experience to gain jobs in any company. A certification with a letter of internship will be provided during the course as an experienced proof. IODED also guarantees the understanding of Digital Marketing and its Modules in every detailed way. The experience of digital marketing along with classified interactions between the staff and the students is held regularly to make the topics more fun and understanding. Webinars, Seminars and various interactive sessions for students during the course.

Are their Certificates even valuable? 

Every certificate relating to the examinations taken will be provided once the tests are completed with the minimum required score. The main certification will be under the affiliation of JAIN Deemed to be University and (JUx) along with IODED, Since IODED is a certified Skill Development Partner. The value of these certificates is equal to a Bachelor’s Degree.

Do they have a “what next” road map for the trainees?

An institute with facilities related to many careers and a guaranteed experience in the specific field would always help in a map to what’s going be happening next after the course. Yes, IODED provides an assurance of providing guidance to “what next” after the course to every trainee. No doubts will be left unanswered and unsolved for a trainee.

With Collaborations with Various Startup’s and Entrepreneurs, IODED fulfills this gap.

What support do they provide for Trainees?

Every trainee is provided with a package of modules that should be completed in the given time. Lot of practical and live project experiences for every trainee is provided from IODED. A tele support between the lecturer and trainee would be maintained. Any kind of support needed by a trainee would be solved ultimately. Other than course related doubts a few other kind of support regarding the relating market would be done. Personal help regarding a career would be provided by the trainers who are highly experienced in the same.

Do they have any connection in the HR recruitment industry? 

IODED has a sister company called SpectaHire that helps trainees/jobseekers to find a job in a specific field. This company not only helps in finding a job but also counseling session that would help the trainee/jobseeker know what their strengths are and in which field they can work. SpectaHire also provides different sources as contacts for freelancers as well. It is a supporting company that assures a relatable job to every seeker.

 Do they support entrepreneurs?

In the present situation of the market, there are a huge number of entrepreneurs and IODED helps them by putting them on to the right people. This being a Funder (Sponsor), Support through different channels or even Brand management. This depends on how well-versed the idea and portfolio is, depending on these deeds there would be complete support given to entrepreneurs.

Our Recent Collaborations with ICE(Ideation Center of Excellence) entertains the Entrepreneurial Mind set of a trainee.

Do they support job seekers?

SpectaHire being a part of IODED, every job seeker would be helped in the matter of achieving a job. In this process, a small training also will be provided as to how to represent themselves to different companies and even in making an attractive & professional Resume. Jobseekers can ultimately believe in SpectaHire for a job and it would help them gain one without fail.

Do they teach any tools?

Tools being a vital part of a resume or a personal skill will always be taught to the trainees as it is very important for them to master them for different situations in a job. All kind of tools relating to Digital Marketing will be taught;

A few our our favorites are mentioned below:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SimilarWeb
  • BuzzSumo
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google Analytics URL Builder
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tag Assistant
  • Behance
  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark

and many more…

Do they provide internship?

IODED provides an in-house Internship which is a new way of learning the art of digital marketing during the course or certification period. This brings in the concept of live experience working for a company and a completion internship certificate will be provided at the end of the course. Thus, providing internship during the course makes one an experienced Digital marketer at the end of course.

Are the courses cost-effective?

Being premium at rates and cost for a certification, IODED provides the courses which is affordable by mostly everyone. They also have a choice of EMI scheme which is really helpful for people.

Do they have good reviews from alumni’s

Every testimonial written for IODED is from all Passed out students from the institute and it is completely positive with the ultimate satisfaction of Learning and working experience with the institute/company.

Do they run workshops?

Every trainee/student experience different workshops during the course other than the conducted classes. Here, workshops are open for outsiders as well. Workshops are taken by very well experienced people in the field of Digital Marketing and its modules. Creative workshops are also held for better interaction and interest recognition.

Do they have an alumni club?

IODED has a club that keeps the Alumni group in touch with their development from when they move out of the Institute. Keeping them updated with the present happenings of the market and learning new things from them has always been a very interesting thing. All the Alumni’s are satisfied with the facilities given to them  by the institute.

Do they have any affiliations?

Courses in IODED is Affiliated with Jain Deemed to be University and JUx for the Certification courses  and B.VOC in Digital Marketing is approved by NSDC, UGC and UK Federation.

Courses Offered: 

Bachelors in Vocational Studies (B.VOC-Digital Marketing*)

Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma In Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing (Includes Various Digital Marketing Topics)

Extensive Digital Marketing Course.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Ads Specialization

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Email Marketing Specialization.

To conclude this article, IODED has be formed keeping in mind all the aspects that a student would look for while choosing a Professional Course. After all, IODED embarks on being the stepping stone for every trainee, and are committed to fulfill the need.

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