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Major Job Opportunities In Digital Marketing

In this post you will Learn about the major Job opportunities in Digital Marketing


Owing to the progress in technology and the popularity of the internet, the business world has changed completely in the last decade, and with it the Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing. There was a time in the past when even thinking of promoting a brand or a product virtually was absolutely illogical.

However, the scenario is different today. In today’s digital era, most of the companies already have their digital footprint. They have made their mark in the field of digital marketing.

And if the recent reports are to be believed, then it can be said that the time when almost every business will have an online presence is not far away. The evolution of this highly-advanced world has certainly helped in creating a whole new pool of job opportunities.

Did you know that the digital marketing industry is expanding by 40% every year? That’s why it has become easy to get good job opportunities in digital marketing. But is there any other reason behind considering this evolving industry for your career?

Well, below-listed are a few reasons for you to Reconsider:

  • The industry provides an individual with a lot of career options. For example, if you love writing, you can choose content marketing. If you love creating visuals, you can go for web designing.
  • It provides a long-lasting career.
  • The industry lets you be creative and explore the fast-paced world at the same time.
  • It helps you work with different people every day.

The job titles one can apply for after completing digital marketing courses:

Digital Marketing Strategist

A digital marketing strategist is the one responsible for planning strategies for campaigns, carrying out market research and analyzing the growth of the company and its competitors. He/She is the person behind the promotion of brands, products or ideas.

If described in a few words, then a digital marketing strategist helps in the growth of a business by strategizing development plans. Today, it is one of the preferred job titles. After all, it helps an individual explore the domains of the digital marketing industry.

SEO Analyst

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and an SEO analyst is the one who is responsible for implementing SEO. The tasks of an SEO analyst include keyword research, SEO analysis, content strategies execution, social media tools research, web analytics monitoring, search results evaluation, link building campaigns implementation and search engine programs administration.

As SEO is extremely important in order to rank a website on search engines, the job title is quite significant in the digital marketing industry. Anyone who has done SEO course and has decent knowledge about how to rank a website can apply for this position.

Social Media Executive

A social media executive is an individual who is responsible for managing activities of a business on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Today, when social media networking sites have users in billions, most of the businesses are looking forward to hiring social media experts so that they could grow at a fast pace by creating brand awareness.

The major tasks of a social media executive include carrying out social media ad campaigns, analyzing social media tools, reporting analysis, coming up with great ideas to promote a business and publishing attention-grabbing content.


Yes! The digital marketing industry also provides students with chances to become a blogger or a vlogger. There are several institutes in the market which offer the specialization course to become a blogger.

Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that is used by advertisers to display products or brands. And a Google Ads specialist is an individual who is responsible for setting up pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google and creating AdWords ads. He is also behind keyword research, managing bids and creating targeted landing pages. Google Ads specialist is one of the significant job titles in the digital marketing industry.

SEM Executive

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. An SEM executive is the person who is responsible for taking care of activities of business happening on search engines. The major tasks of an SEM executive include collecting data, executing campaign ideas and carrying out pay-per-click advertising. Other duties include identifying trends, managing budget, planning to achieve maximum ROI and optimizing landing pages.

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics is an online tool that helps in tracking the growth of a business by reporting website traffic and other activities. The one who is responsible for looking after site visits and bounce rate is a Google Analytics expert. Other responsibilities include taking care of page/visit ratio, time spent on sites, page views, the number of new users and returning users, etc. In short, he is the one who analyzes a website’s performance.

Digital Marketing Manager

As obvious from the name itself, a digital marketing manager is someone who takes cares of marketing campaigns. He/She is majorly responsible for developing campaigns that could help in the promotion of a brand or an idea. That’s why this job title is considered as one of the significant positions in the field of digital marketing.

Content Marketer

If you have a flair for writing and want to make a brilliant career in the digital marketing industry, then the position of content marketer would make for a perfect job title for you. A content marketer is someone who is responsible for creating and sharing quality content. He/She is meant to advertise a business and eventually, to grab the attention of potential customers.

Growth Hacking Specialist

Growth Hacking is all about developing new growth programs for business. And the one who is an expert in it is known as growth hacking specialist or a growth hacker. Today, when there are a lot of tough competitors in the market, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to keep developing new growth hacks. This helps them survive in the market. One can take the ‘Digital Marketing for Growth Hackers’ course at IODED to excel in the field.

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