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Introduction to Concepts

The first step towards teaching our students is introducing them to different concepts of digital marketing. At this stage, we focus on providing our students with basic knowledge about online marketing. We help them understand the future of digital marketing and how the internet can be used to promote a brand or a product.

Learn The Tools

Once our students are done with the basic fundamentals of digital marketing, we start teaching them about different marketing tools and what all they would need to grow a business in future. Digital marketing tools related to organic social media, content creation, paid social media, website testing and e-mail marketing become the topics of the classroom.

Instructor-led Practicals

We also conduct experiments related to digital marketing on a regular basis. This is done so that our learners could understand what digital marketing is and why it is going to be tomorrow’s future. These practical classes are led by our expert trainers who have in-depth knowledge about online marketing.

Practice With Mentor

Apart from getting classroom lectures by regular trainers, our students also get to learn with their mentor about various digital marketing subjects. Several FAQs sessions are held where students can ask questions to their mentor and clear their doubts. This activity certainly boosts the confidence of our students.

Case Studies

We completely understand that just by rendering classroom lectures, it is impossible to make students learn all concepts easily. That’s why we also focus on discussing case studies so that our learners could apprehend the benefits of digital marketing by having an up-close study of their subject.

Assessments & Reviews

Once our trainers are done explaining a section related to digital marketing, numerous tasks are assigned to our students and are, then, evaluated. This is done on a regular basis to check the subject-related knowledge of students. This activity also helps our trainers understand which all students need their maximum focus.

Strategize & Plan

Our trainers also conduct several classes where students are taught about strategizing business plans and planning them accordingly. These classes are very helpful for those who would love to set up their own business in the future. In short, these are the classes where students get to brainstorm different ideas related to digital marketing.

Run Live Campaigns

Our students are also encouraged to run live campaigns so that they could understand digital marketing practically and of course, easily. Our staff of experienced teachers helps them run these campaigns that are related to social media marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, etc.

Work On Live Projects

Out students are not restricted to just classroom theories and practicals. They also get chances to work on numerous live projects. These projects, eventually, help them gain real work experience and understand the fundamentals of digital marketing in a better way.

Soft Skills & Interview

Apart from providing knowledge about digital marketing, we also focus on teaching soft skills, such as leadership, management, teamwork, communication and adaptability. Mock interviews are also organized so that our students can have hands-on experience and consequently, give their best wherever they go.


Once our students have learned all about the merits and demerits of digital marketing through classroom lectures, assignments, live projects and campaigns, we help them get placed as interns at reputed companies. Our proficient placement cell takes the responsibility of providing internships to our students.

Attend Interviews

This is the time when we prepare our students to attend interviews so that they could get placed at respected companies with good annual packages. We have an amazing team that helps them know everything about job interviews, ranging from how to behave and what to answer.

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