How To Create SEO Friendly Backlinks that are required in 2019 ?

In order To Create SEO Friendly Backlinks that are required in 2019 we need to take a look into the current trends in the Digital Era.

If you have a basic understanding of today’s digital era, then you must know that the digital marketing industry has become one of the largest industries in the world and is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

This is the reason behind businesses moving online, building their websites and networking on the World Wide Web. And why shouldn’t they? When you can reach out to millions of customers with the help of the internet and promote your products and services, why go for traditional marketing?

But, you must also know that not every one of them is successful in driving traffic to their websites. It is all because they are unable to strategize content production for their websites and get good SEO ranking.

Producing backlinks is one of the significant ways of getting a good ranking on the internet. If you are really into it and would love to understand the importance of backlinks and how to create SEO friendly backlinks, then read on.

What Is A Backlink and Its Importance?

A backlink is generally a type of hyperlink that connects one webpage to the other. In short, it is an incoming link to a website. A backlink is very important for a website as it helps in getting a good ranking on the internet.

If you are really looking forward to getting your website to appear on search engine result pages, then you must consider producing backlinks. Certain other words used instead of backlink are inbound link, incoming link and citation.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are of great value and importance to a website. These are the entities that determine the popularity and reputation of your website on the internet. More the number of backlinks, better the chances of ranking high.

Did you know that it is a backlink that helps Google find new pages on your website? So, if your website has a lot of backlinks, then it is natural for it to get a higher ranking on the internet.

Eventually, it will grab the attention of consumers; thereby, driving huge traffic to your website. Isn’t it? And as Google is trusted by billions, the appearance of your website on search engine pages will result in increasing its credibility.

So, if you would really want to improve your website’s SEO ranking, then you must not forget to consider producing backlinks. There are a lot of ways through which you can create SEO friendly backlinks. Read on to know in detail about them.

7 Easy Ways To Create SEO Friendly Backlinks


A backlink is an important ranking factor on Google, every website must look forward to building them. But how would you create SEO friendly backlinks? Well, you need not worry about it. Here, we are going to list down the 7 major ways by which you can create quality backlinks. These backlinks would certainly help your website get higher ranking on search engine results pages.

  • Use the Skyscraper Technique

If you are into digital marketing and have in-depth knowledge about SEO and backlinks, then you must know about the Skyscraper Technique. If not, then let us tell you what this technique is all about.

The Skyscraper technique refers to finding the website posts that are performing exceedingly well on the internet and then creating a better one with backlinks redirecting to existing topics. This helps in increasing website traffic by a significant margin.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about writing content free of cost for other websites with a link to your own site. This is a very useful technique when it comes to increasing website traffic. This also results in enhancing credibility.

As the content you are writing here is only written in exchange for a link, it is not necessary to post high-quality content.

  • Reader-friendly Links

Not everything should be written considering search engine bots. You should also keep in mind that it is the internet user ultimately who will come to your website.

If the links you are using are not readable or understandable, then chances are high the user is going to skip that. This will affect your website traffic and eventually, ranking on search engine results pages. Therefore, always try to create reader-friendly links.

Quality-Matters-IODED-Digital Marketing-Courses-In-Bangalore
Quality-Matters-IODED-Digital Marketing-Courses-In-Bangalore
  • Create Quality Content

‘Content is king’ and there is no two ways about it. You can try whatever you can to get website traffic but it is the content that grabs the attention of customers eventually.

That’s why before you move to use techniques and strategies to get your website rank higher on the internet, pay heed to the quality of content your website is hosting. It is the content that makes a website extraordinary.


A Few Other Ways To Create SEO Friendly backlinks

  • Use Keywords

Keywords are very helpful in SEO ranking. They are also helpful in letting the readers know what the content is about. And this is the reason why the links you are using must have them. Without keywords, it is difficult to appear on search engine results pages organically.

  • Shorten Links

Yes! Another significant way to create SEO friendly links is by shortening the length of the links. The ideal number of words a link should incorporate is 50. Therefore, always try not to exceed this number.

  • Redirection Strings

Would you really like if someone is getting redirected to different web pages before he/she reaches the desired page? If not, then you must consider reducing redirection strings.

It is because Google and other search engines understand all this. And if your website is really into these kinds of activities, then it won’t rank higher on Google. That’s why always try reducing redirection strings.


So, these were the major ways to create SEO friendly backlinks. Following them will help your website rank higher on search engines. We hope you would have understood the significance of backlinks in digital marketing by now. If you think we have missed out on something that needs to be mentioned, be our guest. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section.


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